Review of Souled Out Single by Conor Oberst

Review of 'Souled Out' single by Conor Oberst.

After the rhapsodic critical reception for Bright Eyes last album Cassadega, Conor Oberst might have been forgiven for succumbing to temptation and ploughing the same erudite Bush-bashing furrow; ever the contrarian he instead dissolved his nom-de-plume, relocated from New York to Mexico and recruited a new troupe called The Mystic Valley Band.

Conor Oberst Souled Out Single

Taken from the self titled new album which followed this sabbatical, 'Souled Out' reveals little new in truth, Oberst still in thrall to the early 70's road music of Gram Parsons whilst dodging Bob Dylan comparisons by the ton. His new surroundings appear to be exerting an influence if the opening lines are anything to go by - 'The barrio starts two streets over, Miguel she's a friend of mine' - but the lasting impression is more alt-Nashville than Tijauana. As pleasant as it is, it looks like it might take a McCain election victory to saddle up Oberst's dark - and way more interesting - polemical side.

Andy Peterson

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