Conor Maynard wants to become a YouTube vlogger.

The 22-year-old singer has been working on the follow-up to his debut studio album 'Contrast' for over a year but hinted his fans might need to wait even longer for the LP because he's so keen to branch out and become famous on the video-sharing site.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said: ''I'm friends with a lot of great YouTubers like Caspar Lee and Joe Sugg and I'm really looking to get into the whole YouTube world, because you know obviously that's where I came from initially.''

The 'Can't Say No' hitmaker originally got discovered from uploading videos of himself singing onto the site but feels like he's ''neglected'' his original fans on the site since signing his record deal.

He explained: ''I kind of neglected it over the last few years and I kind of really want to get back into it and start being much more active on my YouTube channel so, that's kind of what I'm planning to do.''

The singer/songwriter - who was speaking prior to his Island Beats show at Thorpe Park - recently appeared on Caspar Lee's channel, which has more than five million subscribers, and now feels like he wants to follow in his footsteps by making kooky videos in which he can play pranks on people.

He added: ''I did a recent video with Caspar, like pranks, that kind of thing. We did a public busking prank which was really fun, I really enjoyed doing that with Caspar, so doing maybe a few more pranks with Caspar on my own channel would be really fun.''

Union J will headline the final night of Thorpe Park's Island Beats on Saturday (29.08.15).