Conor Maynard thinks his track with Ne-Yo will be a big hit. The 'Vegas Girl' singer collaborated with the US singer and producer for his debut album, 'Contrast', and thinks the resulting song will be great for starting parties.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''The song I've made with Ne-Yo - 'Take Off' - is the party track. It's the one that is going to get stadium crowds on their feet, partying like they are in Vegas.''

Conor, 19, was extra pleased to work with the 'Closer' star on his album, as he had worked with the late Michael Jackson, who is one of his main inspirations.

He added: ''Justin Timberlake has inspired me and influenced me since day one, along with people like Usher and Michael Jackson.''

Conor shot to fame after uploading videos of him singing covers in his bedroom, earning him a record deal with EMI and the chance to work with another of his heroes, N.E.R.D producer Pharrell Williams.

Conor said: ''If someone had told me a few years ago that I would be working with Pharrell on my first album, I'd have laughed in their face.

''It's a crazy thing. He's such a humble, cool man. While we were recording he pretty much spent the time playing Mario Kart on the Wii.''

Fame has come at a high price for Conor as he has had to move house to avoid been mobbed by his fans.

He added: ''I had to move because some fans found out where I lived. It's not so easy going to get a pint of milk from Sainsbury's when girls are chasing you and asking for photographs and autographs.''