Conor Maynard says his split from Victoria Tansey was ''mutual but hard''.

The 22-year-old singer and the model called time on their relationship last month and even though Conor doesn't regret it, he admitted it hasn't been easy.

He told Daily Star Online: ''It was very, very sad obviously but this break up wasn't a f**k you break up it was more of a mutual decision and having to do the right thing.

''We had to be adults and realise what was best for us at the time.

''There was no hatred or anything like that, it's hard though.''

And Conor said the split will feature heavily on his next album.

He explained: ''You can't help writing about a breakup as it is part of you - it takes over your life.

''I'm just working on my album so there will be a lot of breakup songs on there.

''You sometimes think that maybe you shouldn't write about it as then I will keep singing about it and not let the other person move on.''

Last year 'Royalty' hitmaker Conor was gushing about how much he loved Victoria before moving in with the pretty brunette, who he had been dating since 2013.

He said: ''I've been with her since last April. I met her on a shoot. She's someone I could see myself forever with, yes. We're about to move in together.''