Single mother Connie Britton is desperately trying to find a balance between her parenting duties to her adopted son and her needs as a woman because she's too busy to date and find a boyfriend.
The American Horror Story star welcomed nine-month-old Ethiopian boy Yoby in November (11), but she has been so focused on being a good mum, her love life has suffered as a result.
In a candid U.S. TV interview with socialite Amanda De Cadenet, she says, "I have no sex life right now... I can't stop thinking about how I could do it, how I could pull it off. I'm just talking about how I get laid while I have a baby.
"I'm in such great shape right now to meet a man, I just don't have time. When I go home I have my little guy so..."
But Britton admits she never would have imagined bringing up a son on her own because she was surrounded by women growing up and has "no idea" what boys are like to deal with.
She adds, "It is kind of interesting to me, because truthfully, what the hell am I doing raising a boy? Like, literally, I have no idea what I'm doing; did not grow up with boys, except from my father. Everybody in my family had girls; we had matriarchs in our family... And I don't have a man in my life, so it's very interesting to me that here I am now, about to raise this little boy."