Connie Britton is showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to her television career, now signing on to take the leading female role in Bravo's upcoming true crime anthology series, 'Dirty John'. Based on the podcast of the same name from investigative journalist Christopher Goffard, the show's debut season will tell the story of John Meehan. Goffard investigated Meehan for months, leading to one of the most compelling investigative cases of the modern age.

Connie Britton has joined the cast of Bravo's upcoming series 'Dirty John'Connie Britton has joined the cast of Bravo's upcoming series 'Dirty John'

Britton will be taking on the role of Meehan's love interest, Debra Newell; an interior designer and single parent who finds herself embroiled in a romance with Meehan. Their relationship is anything but conventional however, with manipulation constantly at play.

According to Deadline, Britton will also be serving as executive producer on the series across the first season, whilst a second has already been ordered by Bravo with no clues as to what story that second outing will follow. She'll be working behind the cameras alongside Alexandra Cunningham, who's adapting the podcast for the small screen.

No stranger to the world of anthology series, Britton of course was prominent in the first season of Ryan Murphy's FX show, 'American Horror Story'. She's also made a name for herself as a regular on 'Nashville', and has continued her working relationship with Murphy on one of his most recent shows, '9-1-1'. 

Saying too much about the plot we should expect from 'Dirty John' would spoil the surprise for those who haven't yet listened to Goffard's podcasts, but the popularity of the story and its ability to work its way into the mainstream of pop culture suggests that the show will be a major hit for Bravo.

Britton's casting certainly brings another layer of excitement to proceedings, so let's hope the future additions to the cast are just as impressive!

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'Dirty John' is expected to debut before the end of the year on Bravo.