Actress Connie Britton broke down while rehearsing a Bonnie Raitt song for her new TV show Nashville out of concerns she was failing to do her country star character justice.
The Friday Night Lights star plays fading music legend Rayna James in the upcoming U.S. series and she has been training for the part with music legend T-Bone Burnett since the beginning of the year.
However, the 45 year old admits she still feels less than qualified for the role and worries about butchering the work of iconic singers like Raitt.
She tells New York Magazine, "It's been hard. I've been working with T-Bone Burnett for months. I'm the remedial student in our cast of singers - everyone else has great voices, and I'm the one who only did it back in drama school.
"We'll spend days just sitting around and listening to the music Rayna would have grown up with. I started singing this Bonnie Raitt song with my vocal coach the other day, and I literally burst into tears because I'll never sound as good as Bonnie Raitt."