Connie Britton ''can go for days'' without washing her hair.

The 'American Crime Story' actress has admitted people often ''freak out'' when they find out how infrequently she cleans her hair, although she insists it keeps it in the best possible condition.

She said: ''I can go for days without washing my hair, and people freak out about that.

''It gets better from the natural oils that make it shiny and make it do what I want it to do.''

And when it comes to her diet, the blonde beauty confessed she is very restrictive.

She said: ''My philosophy on life impacts my diet. I don't want to create a vision of a woman who is starving herself, but I also like to feel good, so I tend to stick to certain healthy foods that do that. But, I love cake, and I eat it sometimes - even though I don't always feel so great afterward.''

Connie added she isn't concerned with growing older and insists the ageing process is becoming ''less'' scary.

She told E! Online: ''My body is still in good shape, but it's more about the wisdom for me.

''If you serve your spirit, all of a sudden at this age, life is less scary, less overwhelming. Maybe that's the whole secret to life. It's not that bad getting older, you can enjoy it.''