Review of In Colour Album by Concretes

Artist - The Concretes
Album - In Colour
Label - Licking Fingers

Concretes In Colour Album

With the Cardigans being a little unreliable, it is nice to know that another alternative Swedish band, fronted by a great female singer, is capable of filling a whole album with one great song after another. The band's first album had an interesting shoegazer quality, with some interesting songs in the mix. In Colour, however, ups the pop content significantly, and in doing so, increases the interest level a whole heap. The band's label draws parallels between this album and Fleetwood Mac's Rumours and Bright Eyes' I'm Wide Awake It's Morning, and neither of those comparisons is inappropriate. The 8 person (half female) band is gloriously rich in melody and vocal interest, like Lush tuned through Abba and maybe the Magic Numbers. While the debut was OK, this follow-up is highly recommended to anyone who likes their music tuneful and with several layers of edge and interest.

Rating 8/10
Mike Rea
Adult Contemporary Essentials

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