Review of Oh Boy Single by Concretes

The Concretes
Oh Boy
Single Review

Concretes Oh Boy Single

The Concretes, Swedish seven-piece wonders, reveal a glimpse of musical ecstasy with the release of 'Oh Boy', a vintage-feel track, taken from their album 'Hey Trouble'. 'Oh Boy' is what all music should be like. It creates a pensive, reflective mood and the listener becomes suddenly lost in thought. It brings back a vintage style, rarely sampled now days, kind of like those theme tunes to the old 80's detective shows; terribly memorable and engaging.

The musical potential this band has is colossal, immeasurable. They sound like all Scandinavian bands at the moment; soft, gentle but passionate; it's a popular sound to have, especially presently. If you are looking for something different, if you are looking to explore outside the Bjork or Bat For Lashes in you, then look no further as The Concretes are sure to have what you are looking for. They are fresh and talented, what more could you ask for?


Daniel Black

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