It’s not one of the year’s most anticipated games; it’s the most anticipated game of the year. And with that comes a heightened wait for the first review. Ironic, then, that Conan O’Brien should get the honour on his YoutTube series, ‘Clueless Gamer’. Click here to see him shoot innocent people, deliver parcels the wrong way and collect chemicals.

Watch Dogs

Yes, the YouTube comments are filled with fanboys either saying the PS4’s graphics “suck” or “rule”, and no, this isn’t a real review; Conan spends more time ridiculing the man sitting next to him than talking about the game. But it’s still an exciting morsel ahead of next week’s May 27 release. 

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And any of you thinking you’ve read a review online; you haven’t. At least not an official one anyway. Ubisoft made the risky decision to lift the embargo on release day, which means they don’t want people cancelling their pre-orders when IGN give it anything less than a 9. Lazy Gamer reckon they have around 3 hour of footage though, so you can at least scratch that itch… for four more days.

Watch Dogs sees gamers assume control of Aiden Pearce, a powerful hacker who happens to live in a city run by one single system, meaning he can basically control everything from traffic lights to ATMs. Throw in some kind of revengeful tale with a heavy dose of corruption and you’ve got yourself a triple AAA. 

You can also hit up Gamespot’s live play, which features plenty of footage of the game, but there won’t be any story missions so you won’t have to worry about spoilers. The game is full of side content and that’s what they’ll be focussing on.