Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes suffered a motorist's worst nightmare on Thursday (30May13) after discovering he had 11 outstanding parking tickets when his car was towed.

A fan came to the actor's rescue when tow firm bosses refused to hand over his keys even after he had settled the fines.

The employee recognised Haynes and convinced his bosses to give the star a pass.

Taking to Twitter.com, Haynes writes, "O just a normal day... 9am: Looked for car...car got towed. 2nd time this mo. 11am: Finished paying 11 parking tickets, then retrieved car... They werent going to let me have the car until my new best friend (Lorenzo) who works there said 'This is my Mutha F***in Lizard from Tw'...

"Thk you Lorenzo haha! This has somehow been the most incredible day due to the worst circumstances and im actually in an incredible mood (sic)!"