Colton Haynes may have left his role as a series regular on 'Arrow' as Roy Harper all the way back in season 3, but following a guest appearance in the current sixth season which saw his character seemingly get a happily ever after ending with Thea Queen (Willa Holland), it would seem his story's not quite over just yet. In fact, he'll be making a comeback in 'Arrow' season 7, picking up the role of series regular all over again.

Colton Haynes is making a proper 'Arrow' comebackColton Haynes is making a proper 'Arrow' comeback

Roy made the decision to quit Team Arrow back in season 3 when he publicly declared himself to be the hooded vigilante fighting crime on Star City's streets. Forced to then go on the run, he was unable to return to the city for long stints due to his being a wanted man. We're not entirely sure how he'll now be able to become a prominent figure in Star City once more, but it's something the creative team behind the Arrowverse are working on.

CBR broke the news, with executive producers saying of the character's comeback: "We’re very fortunate and excited to welcome back Colton to Arrow. While we’ve always enjoyed Colton’s returns to the show, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have him return as a proper series regular and we’re very excited about all the creative opportunities Roy Harper’s return affords us."

It is possible that Roy can make his comeback whilst still maintaining a long distance relationship with Thea. The pair don't have to split up for him to rejoin Team Arrow and become a part of the fold once more. It would also make for some awkward scenes with Thea's brother Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) - the real Green Arrow - if he did split with Thea and there was bad blood between them.

With Team Arrow splitting apart and forming two separate groups however, anything is possible. There's never a twist too far away from going down when it comes to the Arrowverse!

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'Arrow' continues on The CW in the US and Sky1 in the UK.