Colton Haynes hopes to follow in Channing Tatum's footsteps.

The 'Arrow' actor - who plays Roy Harper in the hit superhero show - started his career, much like the 'Magic Mike' hunk, as a male model and hopes that he will be able to transition into the movie world with as much success as Tatum.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said: ''I want to do comedy. One day my dream would be to do the 'Channing Tatum', where my movies make $100 million plus at box office and then I get do a movie like '21 Jump Street'. For some reason I think I'm funny, but no one else thinks I'm funny; no one laughs at the jokes that I say.

''I think Channing Tatum's hilarious, too, so maybe something in that vein. Also I just really respect him, he's just a nice person ... everyone knows that about him. I think [it's cool] if you can still remain the way you've grown up and not let Hollywood change you or tell you what to do.''

Haynes joined 'Arrow', which stars Stephen Amell as crime-fighter Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow, midway through the first season and he says his character is getting a ''little cocky'' in the upcoming second season.

He added: ''Roy Harper is thinking he's a little bad ass, he's getting a little cocky, thinking he saved his entire town. But at the same time, he's going to be knocked down a few pegs.''

'Arrow' season two begins on Sky1 HD on Monday, October 21 at 8pm.