Though he's of course found fame through other roles, such as his one in MTV series 'Teen Wolf', one of the most popular places Colton Haynes has found himself a part of is The CW superhero series 'Arrow', where he played Roy Harper.

Colton Haynes at Variety's Power of Young People eventColton Haynes at Variety's Power of Young People event

Obsessed with helping Oliver Queen aka the Green Arrow vigilante, he was trained by the hero and eventually went out onto the streets to help tackle crime. When the public and authorities turned on Arrow however, Roy took the flack and said he was the vigilante, before faking his own death and leaving Star City.

In protecting Oliver, Roy unfortunately had to take himself away from Team Arrow, but he has been seen in recent seasons, albeit in fleeting appearances. Fortunately for fans, he'll be making another return very soon, bringing Roy to the small screen once more for an undisclosed adventure and amount of time.

Speaking to a fan who said they 'seriously miss Roy', the actor responded:

Roy is a character that's been able to stay away from the drama that's recently plagued Team Arrow, even remaining in the shadows when the villainous Prometheus kidnapped many of those that Oliver loved, taking them to Lian Yu before blowing up the island. It looks like his faking of his death really did work, even on those that run around in the shadows...

How he'll be making his return remains to be seen, but Roy is certainly a character that has had a lasting effect on many of those we still see on 'Arrow'. As Thea Queen's ex-boyfriend and somebody who was used by Slade Wilson (also returning) to kill a police officer, there's a lot of unfinished business in Star City for Roy. Let's hope he'll be sticking around for at least a few episodes.

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'Arrow' returns for its season 6 premiere on Thursday, October 12 in the US on The Cw, and is expected to return to Sky1 in the UK shortly thereafter.