Throughout six seasons to-date, Ryan Murphy's anthology series invention 'American Horror Story' has entertained audiences with a variety of different stories, taking on wholly unique realms and universes as well as a diverse roster of characters, giving fans something like nothing they'd ever seen before.

Colton Haynes has signed up to join 'American Horror Story' season 7Colton Haynes has signed up to join 'American Horror Story' season 7

We've been to the carnival with 'Freak Show', seen a traditional horror story told in 'Murder House' and last season took on the world of reality TV with 'Roanoke'. For the upcoming seventh season however, Murphy and those at FX are keeping very quiet about what to expect. The only details we know is that the season will somehow be connected to 'Freak Show' (somewhat breaking the anthology series rules), and it will be set moments after the results of the 2016 US Presidential Election came in.

Return 'AHS' veterans this season include Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Cheyenne Jackson and Adina Porter, whilst those new to the franchise are Billie Lourd, Billy Eichner and Leslie Grossman.

Murphy has now announced yet another new addition to the cast, in the form of 'Arrow' actor Colton Haynes. The boss took to his Instagram account to announce the news, posting the following picture with the caption, "Welcome to American Horror Story, Colton Haynes".

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There's no word yet on the character Haynes will be playing, but if the picture given is any indication as to who he might be picking up, he could be a modern-day vampire with all of that red stuff around his mouth...

Roles we can rule out for Haynes are that of a dragged up Hillary Clinton, or the now-President of the United States, Donald Trump. Murphy has said that whilst both will feature via archive footage, they won't be cast in the show as they won't be playing that big of a physical role.

Whatever the case may be for Haynes, he's joining a fantastic crowd of actors. We can't wait to see what Murphy and co. have up their sleeves come September...

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'American Horror Story' season 7 premieres this September on FX in the US and will come to FOX in the UK shortly after.