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Colm Meaney: Comic Book Films Have Taken Over The World

Colm Meaney thinks comic book movies have ''taken over the world''.The 'Hell on Wheels' actor starred opposite action heroes like Bruce Willis in 'Die Hard 2' and Nicholas Cage in 'Con Air' in the 1990s...

The Paul Potts Story Heads To The Big Screen With James Corden [Trailer]

Paul Potts – the man who rose from his workaday life to win Britain’s Got Talent and record the album One Chance, which topped sales charts in nine countries – is played by James Corden...

Is 'Free Birds' The New Chicken Run? [Trailer]

The trailer for Free Birds, Jimmy Hayward's animated adventure movie, rolled out online this week. It stars Reggie the Thanksgiving turkey (Owen Wilson) who fails to convince his dumb feathered friends that they're being fattened...

New Trailer For Alan Partridge Movie Goes Viral; But Does The Film Look Any Good?

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa will see Steve Coogan's most famous comic creation take to the big screen for the first ever time and earlier this week we got our second glimpse at the long-awaited jump...

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