It will be the role for which he is forever remembered: Colin Firth's 1995 TV drama portrayal of the wealthy yet antisocial Mr. Darcy in the BBC's adaptation of JANE AUSTEN's Pride and Prejudice. The statue depicts Firth as Darcy emerging from the Serpentine Lake post-swim with a wet shirt. The role propelled Firth to fame and he was soon seen as a sex symbol after that iconic scene where he emerges from the water to an awkward encounter with Jennifer Ehle's Elizabeth Bennet.

Colin Firth
Colin Firth: Immortalised In Fibreglass As Mr. Darcy.

According to The Guardian, the 12 foot tall fibreglass statue has been erected to mark the launch of UKTV's new channel Drama. In a survey asking viewers to rate their most memorable moment of TV drama, director Andrew Davies' lake scene adaptation topped the poll.

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Darcy will join other statue tributes of English fictional characters in London, including Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, Sherlock Holmes in Baker Street and Paddington Bear in Paddington station. However, though the scene is undoubtedly the most memorable moment of the adaptation, author Jane Austen didn't actually write the lake swimming scene. Critic and Austen expert John Mullan commented upon the statue, stating that it stood as a celebration of television rather than Austen herself: "I suppose it is inevitable that Pride and Prejudice be best known for a scene that Austen never wrote. This is an installation that celebrates the imagination of Andrew Davies rather than that of Jane Austen."

Colin Firth Livia Giuggioli
Colin Firth & Wife Livia Giuggiola.

According to Time Entertainment, the swoon-worthy statue was crafted over three months with one of the sculptors, Toby Crowther, having said that their work was inspired by the notorious lake scene but also drew on other depictions of Austen's romantic hero. The statue will serve as promotion for a new digital TV channel, Drama, which will be dedicated to period dramas such as Pride and Prejudice. Darcy won't stay in the Serpentine forever though; he'll go on display at several different locations before heading north to Lyme Park, where the scene was originally filmed and where it will remain until February 2014.

Relive The Thrill Of The Lake Scene:

We bet the ducks had quite the fright! How long before it's vandalised by hooligans in a pedalo?