Colin Farrell was released by police from his attempted murder arrest in Australia, after he gave police an alibi - he was committing a lesser crime on the same night as the death.

The MINORITY REPORT star, 28, was living in Sydney in 1994 when cops frisked and arrested him, before interrogating him for

four hours.

Farrell was eventually released after it was discovered he was the victim of a mistaken identity - but not before he shared his illegal antics elsewhere to police to prove his innocence.

He says, "My friend had a diary that he did every day while we were (travelling). It was me and two mates for the year in Australia and we had broken the law in a much less harmful way that night.

"So I found myself going, 'Attempted murder or...' I showed them (the crime) and they were like, 'That's fine 'cause we're trying to find a murderer.'"

24/11/2004 02:27