Colin Farrell says kissing Kate Beckinsale was the ''trickiest part'' of filming the 'Total Recall' reboot.

The 36-year-old actor joked that embracing the brunette beauty was difficult because her ''handsome director husband'' Len Wiseman - who filmed the reboot, a follow up to the 1990 action movie - was always in the background of such shots.

He quipped: ''That was fun, the trickiest part was kissing her, with her handsome director husband by the monitor. That was the tricky part, one of the more uncomfortable things I've experiences in 15 years of making films.''

Despite the awkwardness of the kissing scenes, Colin admits shooting the fighting parts of the motion picture with Kate was ''fun'' and by the end of filming he knew her moves just as well as he knew his own.

He added to ''The fighting was fun, we got in good shape and we choreographed it to the final detail so she knew all my moves and I knew all her moves, it was fun. With the training, I got to Toronto about a month before we started shooting.

''It was very physical, the whole thing - in a good way. I enjoyed it. You get schooled when you come to work with them. You get practical lessons that you'd never need to learn, if you weren't doing this job. I love that.''