Colin Farrell is reportedly embracing celibacy.

The 'Lobster' star, who recently admitted he has been single for six years, is said to have sworn off the opposite sex after taking up Buddhist chanting.

A source close to the former hard-partying heartthrob, who has sons James, 12, and Henry, six, from previous relationships, told US OK!: ''Some men Colin met at a Buddhist temple raved about the clarity that came from sex fasts.

''Colin got sober for his boys, and now he says chanting and meditating are his new high.

''He's even quit smoking. But the most shocking element of his transformation is that he's gone celibate.

''It's all a bit extreme, but that's Colin's personality. Some think he's gone off the deep end, but he says he's never been happier.''

The Irish star, who previously enjoyed flings with Britney Spears and Demi Moore, recently insisted he is open to love.

He said: ''Don't get me wrong, if I met someone tomorrow you know, your life expands accordingly, as does your heart, and you find moments and you find evenings and you get a babysitter and all that jazz. So it's not like a hardship, it's not like 'I'm at home with the kids and work is...' It's just I've been content and busy with my two lads and working away.''