The stars of 'Total Recall' are all ''quite bendy''.

Although Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel all received some bruises while working on the action movie, Kate says doing yoga helped them avoid serious injury.

She told E! News: ''We all had some very impressive bruises, but nobody had an actual break. We all do yoga. We're all quite bendy.''

Meanwhile Colin revealed he isn't as fit as he was when making the movie but he hasn't let himself go completely.

He explained: ''I'm smaller than I was in the film but I'm still fit. I look after myself, which I enjoy.

''[Before the movie] I trained myself at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel because I live just down the road. I worked out six days a week at the gym. I watched what I ate and got fit, got in good shape.

''And then I arrived in Toronto about a month before we started shooting and lifted weights.''

Meanwhile, the 36-year-old Irish actor revealed he would definitely consider making a sequel to the Len Wiseman directed movie.

He said: ''There's nothing out of bounds, you know--if something's good and it catches my attention.''