The release of Coldplay's sixth studio album, Ghost Stories, is imminent. We already know that the British indie rockers have embarked on a sleeker, more electronic sound for their new record thanks to singles 'Midnight' and 'Magic' but must turn to early critics to find out the verdict on the entire nine song collection.

The Release Of Coldplay's 'Ghost Stories' Is Just Around The Corner.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on whether you take the view that all publicity is good publicity), the new album will land at a time that is a little too close to the very public "conscious uncoupling" of Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and his wife, Gwyneth Paltrow.

The couple announced their split earlier this year but revealed that they had been living separate lives for over a year. With such a great deal of media scrutiny over the minutiae of his marriage to the Iron Man actress, the Coldplay star has had to set his marital issues aside to promote his band's upcoming release.

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Chris Martin's [Second Right] Split From Gwyneth Paltrow Has Greatly Influenced The Album.

"Ghost Stories" [...] finds Martin curled up in the fetal position, mewling non-stop about the love that let him down," says the NY Daily News, adding "Each and every song addresses the "conscious uncoupling" heard 'round the world between band leader Chris Martin and soon-to-be-ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow."

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It's not really news that Ghost Stories has so many sad themes; after all, Coldplay are an inescapably maudlin band, but the fact is that the mire of emotion relayed on the new LP is so non-abstract that it leaves little guesswork for fans.

"Of course, there's no finer inspiration for art than a broken heart. Unfortunately, it hasn't had so elevated an effect on Martin. It seems to have sucker-punched him, deflating any momentum in the beat or articulation in the melodies," says critic Jim Farber, serving up a punishing 2-star rating.

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Critics Have Said That The Very Present Emotion On 'Ghost Stories' Is A Hindrance.

USA Today singles out 'Always in My Head, A Sky Full of Stars' (featuring guest producer Avicii) and 'True Love' as "the highlights of a minor album dealing with a tough but endurable setback in an otherwise charmed life" but adds "the results tend to be either mopey or emotionally restrained - things to avoid if you intend to profit from your pain."

Whether Martin and Paltrow's split will be a boon for Coldplay sales will be revealed when Ghost Stories is released later this month but for a band who largely enjoy to keep out of the limelight afforded to A-listers, it will be unfortunate for their sixth studio effort to be pigeonholed as "the one where Chris and Gwyn split."

Coldplay's Ghost Stories will be released on the 20th May.

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