Coldplay and Russell Brand are among the stars who've signed up for the annual Secret Policeman's Ball, the benefit fundraiser for human rights organisation Amnesty International. Holding special reverence this year, the group celebrates its 50th anniversary and as such the line-up, the first time the event's been held since 2008 - befits such an occasion.
Comedians John Stewart and Stephen Colbert will perform at the event, reports the Bbc, joining the globally successful British group and British comic, as well as nu-folk troupe Mumford & Sons. The show will be held in New York, having been in London last time, and a spokesman for Amnesty couldn't contain his excitement, Andy Hackman saying "For us, it's iconic and a very special thing and has provided the opportunity to really celebrate the presence of freedom of expression and free speech, and how we can move people and how we can bring people together, and just how powerful that is."
The first Policeman's Ball was held in 1976 with John Cleese starring alongside other cast members from Monty Python; initially called 'A Poke In The Eye (With A Sharp Stick)' the name was changed to its current one at the 1979 event and has since seen the likes of Eddie Izzard, Rowan Atkinson and Eric Clapton take part.