Review of Atlas Single by Coldplay

Since the original movie was released, it seems like bands have leapt at the opportunity to be involved in The Hunger Games soundtracks. The first OST featured the likes of Arcade Fire, The Decemberists and Kid Cudi and the latest instalment of the franchise sees just as many big names appear (The National, Antony and the Johnsons & Patti Smith to name but a few). 

Coldplay Atlas Single

Opening track 'Atlas' by British band Coldplay proves to be a mellow yet strong contender due to its epic infrastructure and mass interpretation, inspired by the film's themes and the band's own back catalogue. 

High piano keys contrast the low chords as the iconic vocals of Chris Martin let you know this is a Coldplay song. Epic images of infinite space, atmosphere and landscapes are envisioned with the extension of words like 'sun', 'smoke', 'gun' and, most resonantly, 'bow' which is enhanced by the long extended keyboard chords. Fast paced keyboard riffs develop the song's momentum and maintain a fantasy element.

The progressive drum beat, chorus and electric guitar is of a traditional Coldplay style and it encapsulates Coldplay's mature sound which successfully develops over time, living up to its thought-provoking name 'Atlas'. 

Harry Hawcroft

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