LATEST: Cold guitarist TERRY BALSAMO has become a permanent member of Evanescence, after joining the group at the end of last year (03).

Balsamo stepped in to replace Evanescence co-founder Ben Moody when he quit the group in October (03), and now he's committed to the goth-rock band as they kick off a world tour in Japan.

Cold are holding auditions to replace their guitarist for their forthcoming 2004 American tour, but the group are far from happy with Balsamo's departure, and comments his new bandmate Amy Lee has made on her website about Cold singer SCOOTER WARD's drug problems.

Lee has suggested that Cold are on the verge of splitting up because Ward is "in and out of rehab and having real problems", comments that have upset the singer.

In a posting on Cold's website, Ward fires back, "I don't know why Amy threw my life out there like she did. I never did anything but treat her with respect... I just wish she would have let me tell my story when I was ready."

22/01/2004 02:03