Review of Hang Me Up To Dry Single by Cold War Kids

Cold War Kids
Hang Me Up To Dry
Single Review

Cold War Kids Hang Me Up To Dry Single

Re-released to coincide with their endless list of summer dates in the UK and already a festival favourite, 'Hang Me Up To Dry' should see the kids skip into the glory of the UK charts. Plucked from their highly endorsed debut album, 'Robbers and Cowards', it demonstrates the sheer wealth of talent the guys have on offer. Hailing from sunny California the kids have been together since 2004, and already they are making huge progress as a band. They are appearing at nearly all of the big festivals this summer and have already appeared at this year's incredible Glastonbury.

'Hang me Up To Dry' sounds kind of like Muse meets White Stripes, where instrumentation is concerned, but when it comes to vocals it's difficult to compare them to anyone. They are utterly unique. The vocal texture of lead singer, Nathan Willet, is like nothing you'll ever have heard before. It's warm and it's faultless. 'Hang Me Up To Dry' is sure to enter high in the charts on its re-release, its great.


Daniel Black

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