Cocorosie, fresh from their latest and somewhat divisive album 'The Adventures of Ghostface and Stillborn' arrive in Nottingham to little fanfare, a disappointing turnout does little however to deter the crowd. Cocorosie beatboxer Tez gets us off to a great start with a prodigious display which almost but not quite has the audience dancing. Certainly his affable charm warm the crowd up nicely, and as Cocorosie saunter onstage bathed in red lights there is a real sense of excitement, their always detached but breezy performance incorporates grand piano, harp, bass and keyboards, and a variety of trinkets, toys and bells. 


The music is sublime, focusing on the latest album the song structures are a perfect blend of hip hop, folk and ambience, songs from previous albums such as beautiful boyz stir the crowd up but with the new material they really shine. The sisters Sierra and Bianca are both powerfull yet utterly different, Sierras high and soaring operatic (trained) voice juxtaposes Biancas faintly disturbing Newsome like breathy delivery perfectly. Their music is utterly compelling filled with dark twisted lyrics, ever changing melodies, decorative piano and harp all cut through by harsh beats and cutting lyrics 'Before the yearning song of flesh on flesh, young hearts burst open wounds bleed fresh'. I found the whole set totally consuming and entrancing to the end.

How long Cocorosie can continue to tour without some serious commercial success is questionable.

Toby Price 2007

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