The Coachella festival has closed its gates for another year, but not before it got an almighty second weekend send off. Last weekend the festival brought plenty of star performances, special surprises and maybe a slight tinge of disappointment when it came to one of the most anticipated acts. So how did weekend two fare and most importantly were Outkast any better the second time around?

OutkastOutkast had to prove themselves after last weekend's disaster

Last weekend Outkast’s much hyped reunion was met with resounding negativity as poor sound quality and bad production values marred their set. One week later and it seems the duo have learnt from their mistakes as Billboard reports Andre 3000 and Big Boi took to the stage, “strutting with an emboldened confidence light-years from the standoffish attitude that came through the first weekend.”

Elsewhere on Saturday night Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong made a surprise appearance when he joined The Replacements for their second stage set, pretty much fronting the band for their entire performance.

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The Replacements weren't the only act to bring out some special surprises. Pharrell Williams, who last weekend had Gwen Stefani, Nelly and Snoop Dogg, this time enlisted the help of Jay-Z, T.I. and Usher for another star studded set. Nas, who had Jay-Z last weekend, was still celebrating the 20th anniversary of his debut album Illmatic. This time the ‘Hate Me Now’ rapper was aided by Damien Marley and Lauren Hill who performed Fugees classic ‘Ready or Not’ as part of the celebrations.

Arcade FireArcade Fire closed the Coachella festival on Sunday night

Closing the festivities on Sunday night, Arcade Fire brought some confusion during their set. Frontman Will Butler announced two special guests, some say they heard the name Daft Punk others say it was Paft Dunk, but either way two men in white suits and helmets joined the band for a rendition of ‘Get Lucky’. Neither Arcade Fire nor Daft Punk have commented on the performance, but many are saying the band might have been playing a belated April fool on the probably hazy festival audience.

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