If you’re at Coachella this year, you won’t be reading this story and if you are… well, this might just make things worse, but here’s a rundown of the best things you’re missing anyway. Saturday saw a huge dust storm rip through Coachella Valley on Saturday, but diehard fans stuck it out anyway for Muse’s headlining gig. The English rockers performed festival staples like "Hysteria," "Resistance," and "Magic," but a large portion of the Coachella crowd left the field early as high winds swept sand and dust across the festival field, Reuters reports.

Muse As Lego Figures
Muse went for festival favorites and a Nirvana tribute.


The band heroically soldiered on, however, with hits like “Time Is Running Out” and “Starlight”, diring which Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy strode through the crowd and climbed a platform in the middle of the sea of people. Those fans, who left didn’t know what they were missing. The band also gave a repeat performance of their cover of Nirvana's "Lithium," dedicating it to the late Kurt Cobain, who committed suicide 20 years ago.

Check out Muse's "Isolated System" video below.