Jersey Boys, Clint Eastwood’s big screen version of the Tony Award winning musical, is among the new cinematic releases this weekend and the critics appear to consider it a job well done from the veteran director. It tells the tale of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, whose music influenced a generation. 

John Lloyd YoungJohn Lloyd Young as Frankie Valli in 'Jersey Boys'

Eastwood may never show us his boys discovering themselves under that street lamp, but he gives us a clutch of moments worth treasuring - and mostly without overdoing it,” said Alan Scherstuhl Of Village Voice. 

“A dash of showbiz pizzazz has been lost but some welcome emotional depth has been gained in the big-screen version of the still-thriving theatrical smash Jersey Boys” said Todd McCarthy of the Hollywood Reporter.

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“It's entertaining musical biopic territory but rarely steps out of anything but caricature” wrote Alan Freer of Empire magazine.

“The relative dearth of prominent musical performances turns what could have been a dancing-in-the-aisles romp into a bit of a slog” said Andrew Barker of Variet

“No one could accuse Eastwood of having stars in his eyes, but I'm not sure any rock-era biopic has less vividly conveyed the narcotic rush of celebrity” said Guy Lodge of 

The Jersey Boys musical has grossed $460 million worldwide an although Clint Eastwood’s movie won’t get near that total – it offers enough to be considered an excellent retelling of the Four Seasons’ incredible story.

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Jersey Boys hits cinemas on June 20, 2014.