Clint Eastwood has launched legal action against some CBD retailers for allegedly using his name to sell products.

The 90-year-old director has filed two lawsuits claiming his name has been used to sell some products containing cannabidiol, and in one suit he alleges a ''false, defamatory, and wholly fabricated'' article about him was used to ''promote and sell'' CBD items.

The lawsuit states: ''Mr. Eastwood does not have, and never has had, any association with the manufacture, promotion, and/or sale of any CBD products.''

Clint also claims his name has been used in ''hidden meta tags'' on some CBD websites.

Another lawsuit states: ''By using Mr. Eastwood's name in hidden metatags, Defendants have figuratively posted a sign with Mr. Eastwood's trademark in front of their online store to attract consumers and caused the consuming public to believe that Mr. Eastwood is associated with and/or endorsed the CBD Online marketplace Defendants' CBD products, when no such association actually exists. (sic)''

His rep told Variety: ''Mr. Eastwood does not express a point of view about CBD products or the legitimate CBD industry.

''The issues in these lawsuits center on the illegal use of Mr. Eastwood's name and likeness, and dissemination of false and defamatory statements about him, to sell someone else's products.''

This comes after Sandra Bullock and Ellen Degeneres took legal action against websites using their likenesses without permission last year.

Both stars filed a lawsuit in the Los Angeles Superior Court against defendants listed as John Does 1 through 100 because it is unclear who ran the controversial sites and/or who is behind the alleged fraud.

The 'Ocean's 8' star and the talk show host claimed the websites had been spreading false endorsements, with fake adverts said to include the pair promoting anti-aging skin care and other beauty products.