From cult western hero, to Hollywood A-lister, to renown film director, Clint Eastwood has been a stalwart on the movie scene for decades. And if he’s to be believed, he won’t be gone for a while yet.

"It would be great to be 105 and still making films," Eastwood said, calling that kind of hope "the ultimate optimism." He was expressing his admiration for the 104-year-old Portuguese director Manoel de Oliveira. Would we want Eastwood to carry on that long? Of course we would, but before it’s too late, let’s take a look at some of his pearls of wisdom; his directing jewels not to be forgotten. Here they are, courtesy of the Associated Press.

Clint EastwoodClint Eastwood - A stalwart for film fans

“On preferring to begin a take with "Go when you're ready," rather than the traditional "Action!": "`Action' puts a bad connotation out there, like some firecracker that goes off to get everyone going."

On his willingness to take suggestions for a scene from anyone: "You have to steal a lot. You have to have a criminal mentality to be a film director."

On the role of the director in a film production: "A lot of people fell in love with the auteur theory, but you're merely a platoon captain."

On studio executives who told him no one wants to see a women's fight film (the best picture-winning "Million Dollar Baby"): "Who the hell wants to see anything? You never know until you get into it."

On struggling to get films green-lit: "In the early days it was more of a fight. Now, they go, `Oh, well, if he's the old guy."