Clint Eastwood 's wife and children will be appearing in their very own reality TV show, according to New York Daily News, in a report released yesterday. The show, which will be entitled Mrs Eastwood & Company will see Clint's clan join the likes of The Osbournes and The Kardashians, by having their daily lives filmed for entertainment purposes.
The focus of the show will be on Clint's wife, Dina Eastwood and his daughters, Francesa, 18 and Morgan, 15. Clint is only expected to make brief appearances on the show, which will center around Dina's efforts at managing an African acapella vocal group that she has flown over to the Usa. Dina apparently discovered the group - called Overtone - when Clint was filming the movie Invictus, saying "I flipped out for them. I'm moving them over here." She said that "from the day they got off the plane, everyone said, 'This has to be a show.'"