Sir Cliff Richard will never forget the year he had a painstaking wait to find out if he got a bicycle from Santa Claus, insisting it was the "best Christmas ever".
The Mistletoe and Wine crooner, who is a devout Christian, was born just plain Harry Webb, and once went along to his father Rodger's workplace as bosses had laid on a bash to hand out gifts to their employee's kids.
Richard remembers catching sight of a bike-shaped present gift-wrapped under the tree with the name 'Harry' written on it, but his excitement disappeared when his father advised him he should not presume it was for him.
But the star recalls the sheer joy of the moment the fake Santa called out his name and handed him the cycle.
He tells Britain's Daily Mail, "The tree was surrounded by piles of presents, and when Dad told me there was a gift for each one of us, I was really excited. One package caught my eye - a bicycle, all beautifully wrapped up, but they couldn't disguise the shape.
"There was a big label tied to it with my name written on it, 'Harry'. I went over to my dad and told him what I'd seen. His reply was devastating. 'How do you know it's yours?' he said. 'You're not the only boy here called Harry.' Then, later on, as Father Christmas was handing out the parcels, it seemed forever before he got to the bicycle. 'This is for Harry...' he said. Long pause, then 'Harry Webb.' It was my best Christmas ever."