Sir Cliff Richard wants to record a song with Michael Buble.

The ‘Mistletoe and Wine’ hitmaker was disappointed the Canadian crooner wasn’t free to join him on his ‘Cliff at Christmas’ TV special, which will air later this month, because he’s keen to work on a track with him one day.

He told Best magazine: “I was hoping Michael Buble might have been able to record something with me for my TV show, but he’s a busy man and is away on tour.

“So Michael, if you’re reading this, I hope we can do a song together one day and I can’t wait to tell people, ‘Hey, I recorded a song with Michael Buble.’ “

The 82-year-old singer finds it “really difficult” to choose a favourite Christmas song, but at the moment, it is one of his own because of its traditional Christian message.

He said: “I’m often asked what is my favourite Christmas song… It’s really difficult to answer that one because every Christmas something comes up – there are always fabulous songs in the charts and I’ve been lucky over the years to have recorded some of the songs that have got to number one.

“This new album of mine has a song on it called, ‘Mary, Did You Know?’ and I think it is one of the best Christmas songs I’ve ever had.

“Others have recorded it too in the past, but I love singing it because that’s exactly how I feel about Christmas; did Mary, the mother of Jesus, know she was giving birth to this magnificent child that would become the saviour of the world?

“So I think that’s going to become my favourite song, unless of course someone writes something better, but I don’t think they will.”