Sir Cliff Richard has cut ten food items out of his diet.

The 82-year-old singer follows a Blood Type diet - which involves adjusting what he eats according to his blood type - and he credits his health-conscious approach to his longevity in the music industry.

Cliff - who is blood type A - said: "There are ten things [I can’t have]. I can't have dairy or wheat. No red meat. No crustaceans. No mangoes, papayas or bananas. No potatoes, tomatoes. No aubergine. And you know, when you look at a list of foods that exist, giving up ten of them is not that difficult."

Despite this, Cliff still misses some of the things that he's cut from his diet.

He told Boom Radio: "Tomatoes are probably the thing I miss most because some of the great curries I made with tomato puree. Some of the great pastas have tomatoes in them, but there’s so many different ways of having pasta.

"I have to be careful when I'm choosing Indian food. But you know, I'm allowed to have a treat now and then.

"But if I'm gonna have a treat, it'll be a steak about four times a year, that's all. But I look forward to the day. You have to plan your sin."

Meanwhile, Cliff has revealed that he would love to make a Christmas record with Mariah Carey.

The veteran star recently released his his first Christmas album in almost 20 years, 'Christmas With Cliff', and he would love to join forces with the 'All I Want For Christmas is You' hitmaker.

Cliff said: "You're talking about someone who has got about a four-octave voice. I think I’ve got half an octave. It would be the most unlikely coupling for her and I to get together and that appeals to me."