Veteran British singer Sir Cliff Richard is eyeing an odd collaboration - he wants to team up with R&B star Rihanna.
The Summer Holiday hitmaker, who has previously sung with Sir Elton John, is a fan of the Umbrella singer and is keen to collaborate with her.
He tells the Press Association, "Somebody asked me if I'd like to sing with Rihanna and I thought, 'Who wouldn't?' She looks fantastic, she's got a great voice, but in the case of duets, if it's feasible, it's always a matter of what the song is.
"If we both like the song, that's the best way to do a duet. I couldn't just say, 'Yes, I'll come' and then sing some dance thing I don't like."
And Sir Cliff is also keen to work with pop phenomenon Lady Gaga, although he admits he's not sure if either artist would consider working with him.
He adds, "Well, Gaga's got a great voice. These people are great singers. It would be dependent on whether they wanted to sing with someone like me."