Following the recent accusations aimed at Sir Cliff Richard, his devoted fanbase has launched an online campaign to return the singer to Number 1 in the charts.

Cliff Richard online campaign
Sir Cliff Richard's fans are trying to return him to Number 1 this week

Fans will attempt to take his 1992 single ‘I Still Believe In You’ to Number 1 through online downloads, in a campaign similar to that of ‘Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead’ after Margaret Thatcher’s death last year.

A poster on the Facebook page ‘Cliff Richard Radio’ announced: "To show our support for Sir Cliff, we are trying to get him to the number one spot or as close as possible in next week's chart. To do so we have agreed to download the song 'I Still Believe In You' between Monday 18th August and Friday 22nd August."

The single, selected for its title, was originally a Number 7 hit over two decades ago. It was the first release from the following year’s The Album, which was his last record to reach Number 1 in the album charts.

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Sir Cliff Richard is the most successful British male solo artist in the UK ever, releasing 42 studio albums and holding the impressive distinction of scoring Number 1 singles spanning five decades from the 1950s to 1990s.

The 73 year old star has been accused of sexually assaulting a boy in 1985. His Berkshire property was raided and searched by the police. Sir Cliff, who was in Portugal at the time of the search, has strongly denied the accusations. While he has not yet been arrested, police are believed to be arranging an interview.