Veteran performer Sir Cliff Richard wants to collaborate with pop sensations One Direction after recently discovering the boyband's music.

The Living Doll hitmaker has become a huge fan of One Direction after hearing their catchy hits on the radio, and he is stunned by their meteoric rise to fame.

Now the crooner has offered to team up in the studio should the stars want to duet.

He tells Britain's The Lady magazine, "It was fascinating watching the fast rise to fame of One Direction. For quite a while I didn't hear their music.

"Of course I may have heard something on the radio, but all too often nobody tells you what you have just listened to! There's been many a time when I would have bought a record, but didn't know who or what to ask for.

"I've heard One Direction now, and think that each one of them has a terrific voice. So if they ever decide to do a duet I'm available, but not cheap!"