Review of Hungry Bird Album by Clem Snide

Review of Clem Snide's album 'Hungry Bird' released through Freeworld.

Clem Snide Hungry Bird Album

Sometimes when youre listening to albums, when done right, it's the most simple ones which hit you and standout the most. When lead singer Eef Barzelay decided to go it alone and release a solo record, we all thought the days of Clem Snide were long gone, so it was a great pleasure to receive the new 'Snide release.

I should start out by saying, this album is a return to form, from start to finish 'Hungry Bird' is packed full of tracks which can quite easily be described as soul food. There's so many elements that form the album, it's moving, warm, wry and has a great wit as well as featuring many tracks which have a great poetic overtone.

Their sixth studio album is a little quieter than the groups earlier work, but the loudness they substitute with sublime sounds and Barzelay's weary vocals which are just beautiful. Hungry Bird is certainly a grown-up album, but full of melody and great song writing. As indie-rock bands go, there aren't many that will do a better job for anyone over the age of 30 than Clem Snide.


Mike Rea

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