The British band had been booked to perform at MEO Sudoeste festival, but members Jack Patterson, Luke Patterson and Neil Amin-Smith had to sit out the show, leaving Chatto to take the stage with some of her female musician friends in order to honour the gig.

Chatto explains to the BBC, "They weren't sick. They had issues with their passports, because we're going to Japan this week and some kind of crazy mistake happened with the visas for them.

"We just kind of got one of my best friends, Bea, to come and play the violin and one of our backing singers just learnt all the lead vocals and sang them all. It was like a girl band of five girls and one of the singers from the album, Shana Bass, came and performed with us, which was amazing...

"We'd done so many gigs with the same set up this year and last year, it was fun to just do a completely different thing. Some of them were a bit scared just before we went on. But it was a huge crowd and it was the first time we'd played in Portugal. So it was really exciting."

No further details about the passport issues have been released, but the situation prompted Clean Bandit to axe a scheduled show in Bolton, England on Saturday (08Aug15).

However, the problem appeared to have been solved by Sunday (09Aug15), when the Rather Be hitmakers were reunited in time to hit the stage at the Boardmasters Festival in Cornwall, England.

Clean Bandit are due to take their tour to Osaka, Japan on Saturday (15Aug15).