Clay Aiken, the musician who finished runner-up on the second series of American Idol, is among the contestants on this year's Celebrity Apprentice. The cast for season twelve was announced on Wednesday (January 4, 2012), though Aiken's promotional shot left some fans baffled.
Best known as the fresh-faced youngster who wowed audiences on the 'Idol' stage, Aiken is almost unrecognisable on his Celebrity Apprentice shot. Dressed in a suit, and sitting at a desk, the musician appears to look at least ten years older than his 33 years. Recent rumors had suggested Clay had undergone plastic surgery, something that refer to in their reaction to the image, saying, ".he looks a little different than the last time we saw him. We can't tell whether it's the much-rumored plastic surgery, the nearly transparent facial hair, or just a case of Photoshop run amok". Although he never admitted to going under-the-knife, Aiken took part in a 'makeover' for People magazine in 2003. Describing his 'new look', the magazine said, "A dye job and a flatiron made his do (hair style) less dorky.His green eyes got better exposure when he traded in his glasses for contacts. Aiken learned from Siggins (stylist Miles Siggins) that you can make a suit hipper by wearing sneakers".
Celebrity Apprentice - a celebrity spin on the regular format - sees contestants taking part in various business-based tasks in a bid to avoid the weekly sacking handed down by magnate Donald Trump. This year's show also features The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice and Twisted Sister singer DEE SNIDER.