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Clay Aiken is my favorite male singer and male entertainer. Clay Aiken is the greatest and the best male musical artist ever!!! Clay Aiken Rules!!!

Posted 15 years 6 months ago by clayaikensolitaire

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Talk is Clays new CD should be out soon,and it will be great.Can't you hear that loud buzzzzzzzzz sound??

Posted 15 years 7 months ago by Ananoom

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Clay Aiken is as queer as a Hattie Hathaway 3 dollar bill. There is nothing manly about "him". Maybe he should get together with Michael Jackson, and learn from a master how to completely destroy a career.Better yet, hook Aiken up with that little fairy Leonardo DiCaprio. There's a match for you.BWAHAHAHAHA!news://

Posted 15 years 7 months ago by faggotjackson

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i luv his new look!!!!!! i hope people will stop with the rumors, i luv how he sings, i luv the way he looks, but im not out to be his bride or anything like that lolz, so who cares if he's gay or not, neways, maybe juz one of the trade offs for being a star, live life in public eh

Posted 15 years 7 months ago by artemis24

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Hey I loved it on american Idol when clay aiken came out and sang and wow no really Wow you know what i am use to seeing him with his blonde spike hair but wow is he hot now with that long hair and you know what his eyes like pop out and wow they are the most beautiful thing !!!!! trust me wow Love it

Posted 15 years 7 months ago by Crista

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So, Clay is gay? That's kewl, I don't care. I have gay buddies and they're no better or worse than any of my hetero buddies. More power to Clay if he is. And I don't believe that just because a dude or woman is gay and in show business, it means they must come out of the closet. It's their life, their choice. Maybe they just want to make their first million dollars first before coming out. I'm sure they send $ to the gay rights organizations.

Posted 15 years 8 months ago by john in san diego

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Nice article, Sedaka at least recognizes Clay's talent.Off topic here, but I gotta say:CLAY IS NOT GAY! Not that there would be anything wrong with that, but he is not.If you've ever seen the man on stage or interacting with the crowd, you would know that. Stupid rumors by jealous guys wont change it.Clay is sexy, gorgeous, strait, and the most talented singer in the world. He is also the most entertaining singer on stage I've ever seen. He just draws in the crowd and everyone has a good time. If you get a chance to attend a concert, go for it. You will not be sorry. The girls scream throughout, but that just adds to the fun.Clay is simply the best!!

Posted 15 years 8 months ago by me myb

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If you stopped buying music by every gay artist, record sales would be verrrry low. You would be surprised who they are...and what business is it of ours who these artists sleep with. Who Cares! Its the music we love.... isnt it?

Posted 15 years 10 months ago by Queenflapper

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