Claudia Schiffer won't change her hairstyle.

The 43-year-old supermodel has always been known for her luscious blonde locks, which have helped her land lucrative campaigns for shampoos and hair dyes, so she won't ever consider mixing up her look.

She told British VOGUE magazine: ''I think I'm most known for my hair. I can't ever see me changing it now.''

Since the stunning German star's hair is part of her modelling appeal, she goes to great lengths to maintain her shiny locks.

She explained: ''Because it's my trade, I am constantly thinking how I can look after it. I have root touch-ups every three weeks. If I'm not working, I wash my hair then slather on masks and oils and tie it up in a bun. And I use an intensive treatment mask every time I wash my hair - even if it's only left on for a minute.''

Claudia has now embarked on making her own range of shampoos and conditioners, Essence Ultime, which she has tailored to her own needs.

She said: ''I'm very specific about how I like my products to feel. On shoots, stylists like 'second day' [as opposed to freshly washed] hair, so I wanted to make conditions with just the right amount of 'slip' - your hair should feel soft, but not too silky to do anything with. The shampoos are thick and almost foamy, so they penetrate hair from root to tip.

''And I wanted to make them sell as good as a Diptyque [scented] candle - warm, enveloping scents like sandalwood and jasmine.''