Claudia Schiffer is ''so happy'' to be turning 50.

The iconic model, actress, and fashion designer is celebrating her landmark birthday on Tuesday (25.08.20), and has said she couldn't be happier, as she's ''never felt more confident or happy'' than she does at this point in her life.

In a statement posted to her website, she said: ''I'm very lucky to love what I do and to be able to pick and choose my partners. I also believe age should be celebrated and revered. There's a reason we have cakes and parties on our birthdays, and I feel the same way about getting older each year.

''I am so happy to be turning 50 and have never felt more confident or happy in my life. I don't try to look or feel younger, I embrace now.''

Claudia - who has Caspar, 17, Clementine, 15, and Cosima, 10, with her husband Matthew Vaughn - has spoken about ageing in the past, insisting that it's ''natural'' to get older, and saying she doesn't feel ''envious or jealous'' of younger models.

She said: ''I've had many wonderful compliments in my time. But then you get to the next stage and you move on.

''You don't have to be called beautiful your entire life. It's a nice memory, but then the next generation starts. For me, it's a natural thing to do, to hand over, to not be envious or jealous.

''I can't think of anything worse than if you said, 'There's a magic pill and it's going to make you look 20 again'.''

And although she's happy to let the next generation of models take to the runway in her place, she credits her career with helping her break out of her shell.

Claudia - who last year helped produce the Elton John biopic 'Rocketman' under the name Claudia Vaughn - explained: ''I'd probably still be a very shy person who had no idea I could overcome that by experiencing many things.

''I would probably be in a job where you can be in the background, in a bank or behind the scenes. Modelling was my therapy. I learned how to communicate.''