Claudia Schiffer once turned down a £1 million dinner date.

The German supermodel was offered the huge amount by an arab prince, but didn't take him up on it as she thought it was ''strange''.

Asked by talk show host Jonathan Ross what requests she had during her huge success in the 90s, she replied: ''Loads of weird ones, but the strangest one was from an Arab prince.

''He asked if he could hire me for a dinner for a million pounds. I declined, and some other supermodel took it.''

Claudia - who is married to film director Matthew Vaughn - declined to say which prince made her the offer. She also claimed she was a ''loser'' at school.

She said: ''Everyone called me Duck because my bum stuck out and I walked kind of funny because my legs are a bit funny, and I was really tall. I didn't have any friends.''

Although she's now used to being photographed for magazines and appearing in adverts in just her underwear, the model claims she is naturally shy.

She added: ''I am just shy when there are lots of people. I'm OK when we're just one on one, or maybe four people. I'm a really, really shy person. Once I put the make-up on I'd go 'OK, I can cope'.''