Claudia Schiffer prefers red wine to healthy juices.

The catwalk queen has revealed she isn't a fan of the vegetable smoothie craze and would much rather stick to a simple glass of water or, if she's treating herself, some red wine.

Asked whether she'd prefer a green smoothie or diet coke, the blonde beauty quipped: ''Water and red wine!''

Claudia, 45 - who lives in London with her son Caspar, 12, and daughters Clementine, eight, and Cosima, five, with husband Matthew Vaughn - added that ''long walks with our dogs and tennis'' is her favourite form of exercise.

And with children and a career to think of, the supermodel said she doesn't have time for a soak in the bath.

Speaking about whether she prefers showers or baths, she told ''Shower! I use a minty face scrub, which leaves my skin tingling and makes me feel awake, followed by a body scrub.''

Meanwhile, the German supermodel credits brands Estée Lauder, Dolce and Gabbana and Agent Provocateur for providing her concealer, mascara and fragrances of choice.

And whilst she clearly doesn't need any help with improving her looks, Claudia said a good facial massage is her go to pamper treatment.

She added: ''The best facial is the Supremÿa Facial. It uses muscular massage and lymphatic drainage to completely relax muscles in the face and eliminate toxins. It leaves the skin smoothed and reoxygenated. But I also do my own masks while having a bath - I like Sisley and Clarins.''