Claudia Schiffer thinks the fashion industry is missing its former ''flair''.

The supermodel misses the eccentric glamour of her 90s heyday and believes models, magazine editors and photographers are less creative and spontaneous these days.

She told Britain's Marie Claire magazine: ''There were a lot more personalities in the 90s - wonderfully creative, no boundaries, that Isabella Blow craziness. The flair of the 90s is missing now.

''The difference is that today it's very professional, people don't want to waste time and are always thinking about the budget. Back then, it was more theatrical, there was champagne everywhere, everyone hung out. On shoots, someone would open a bottle of red wine at lunch.''

The 43-year-old star - who counted fellow European top models Eva Herizogova and Helena Christensen as her closest friends in the 90s - claims newcomers like Cara Delevingne have it tough because there is so much competition for the limelight these days.

Claudia said: ''We dominated because it was all about fashion models then. Actors and singers weren't in campaigns or on the covers of fashion magazines.

''I do think girls are coming through, but there's so much more competition these days and so many more collections. A model can be successful for two seasons and then gone.''