American model/actress Claudia Jordan has accused a man of frightening her by sending her a series of creepy messages.
The beauty claims the unnamed man repeatedly shows up at events she is hosting and leaves her threatening notes.
In the report filed at the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department last week (end04Sep11), Jordan claims the man wrote in one letter, "How can you not want me?" and in another that he was attracted by "the aroma of (Claudia's) blood."
And the former Celebrity Apprentice contestant alleges she called in cops to investigate after receiving a voice mail message in which the man says, "Since you won't come and talk to me on a real level. You wanna go f**kin' snitch to police... Write me a check for $25,000 and I'll leave you the f**k alone. You playing with the wrong ni**er."
Police are now investigating the matter and Jordan is considering taking the case to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (Fbi), reports